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Our success story: Photovoltaic solar energy installations in Southern Africa. We advise, plan and install grid interactive and grid independent photovoltaic solar systems with on-site power backup storage for SME´s.

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  • Real Estate Advisory for Lenders, Institutions and Funds
  • Greening of Real Estate Services

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Current Projects

In cooperation with the German based Orange Lion Hospitality & Real Estate Solutions GmbH and the German Development Bank SADEA is planning a 200 room eco-hotel and training academy in Maputo, Mozambique as a pilot project to establish a Real Estate and Hotel Fund for the African Subcontinent.
Sadea is investing into new and innovative start-ups in South Africa.
Sadea is now affiliated to one of the worldwide largest tourism PR Network Agencies to cover the African Subcontinent.
Sadea has signed a strategic partnership with the German based Orange Lion Hospitality & Real Estate GmbH, founding member of Arborea Hotels & Resorts.
Sadea has opened a new office in South Africa.
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About us

We are your proficient partner connecting you to a profitable and efficient Africa

Sadea is a business development and brand representation company taking enterprises, brands and organizations into Key Emerging Markets in the African Subcontinent to establish and grow their target markets in a profitable and sustainable manner and in cognizance of a fully African context.

With over 30 years’ experience in the private and public sector, we define ourselves as transparent, efficient and professional. Our core sectors are New Markets, Eco-Tourism & Hospitality, Real Estate Advisory, Financing, Architecture & Project Management, Trade & Industry.

As a One Stop Shop we support our clients with:

  • Market Research & Development
  • Financial Structuring
  • Business Development, Marketing & Sales
  • Project Management

We continuously strive to boost our client´s brand recognition, to identify viable business opportunities and to strengthen their earning powers.

It is our social responsibility to strengthen regional markets to create job opportunities and economic growth in poverty stricken areas in a sustainable manner to protect nature and foster human well-being.

We seek to conduct our business with the highest levels of honesty, integrity and respect. These values are embedded in our approach to sustainability, which reflects our commitment to operating our business so future generations can live with cleaner water, air, healthier flora, fauna and oceans, and a stable climate.

We are a truly African company with international flair. We foster gender & group equality and socio-economic wellbeing for all ethnicities.

It is our vision to become a lead and role player in the African Subcontinent in terms of business development support to global market players and simultaneously contributing to human well-being and nature conservation in the African Subcontinent.
The main mission of Sadea is to strengthen disadvantaged regional markets in a socio-economic and eco-sensitive context, by creating opportunities for humankind and chances for wildlife.

We build on local tradition and heritage. We fuse these values with international technology and standards, thus generating exceptional returns for our clients and prosperity for the local populace.


Extending your business into the African Subcontinent

Market entry & growth in Key Emerging Markets for your brand

We enter new markets and grow your brands in jointly defined Key Emerging Markets in the African Subcontinent. We strengthen your market shares and boost your brand recognition through licences, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. As a One-Stop-Shop in Business Development, we support you along the way on the local level from initiation through to realisation and management.

Technical Support for Institutions & Governments in Marketing

As accredited tender agency we cooperate with Institutions and Governments in terms of private sector involvements, business development, marketing and capacity building in the African Subcontinent. Our PPP marketing and business development engagements boost socio-economic development in less affluent regions throughout Southern Africa.

Representation for hotel brands to grow Key Emerging Markets in the African Subcontinent

We provide regional coverage for hospitality management companies in terms of PR, marketing and we source the best properties available. We secure funds to co- finance new hotel projects, renovations and conversions to green and off-grid solutions.

Identifying your hotel brand with best long-term agreements for your asset

We scout for the most suitable hotel and spa management companies by means of restricted tenders for our clients. We finally negotiate with the two best hotel brands on the selected operating agreement (lease, franchise, management or hybrid).

Technical Support for Institutions & Governments in Tourism Development

As accredited tender agency we cooperate with Institutions and Governments in terms of tourism developments and other sustainable projects in the African Subcontinent. Our PPP engagements strengthen local supply tourism value chains and promote eco-sensitive projects with a holistic approach to human well-being and poverty alleviation whilst adhering to a fully African philosophy.

Greening and optimizing your real estate project developments in Key Emerging Markets in the African Subcontinent

As award winning Architects of best sustainable projects and Project Managers of Wildlife Reserves in Southern Africa, we manage your projects from initiation through to implementation and operations; we optimize your existing properties and assist you with developing low maintenance and high yielding green-field eco-projects. We ensure you of an innovative, green and high quality approach, project managed within budget and on time. Together with you we select the best architects, developers, contractors, consultants and operating companies through competitive or restricted tenders. As your watchdog we monitor, quality control and supervise all your project and construction phases. Our monitoring reports compare the findings with all contractual obligations, deadlines, milestones and budgets on a regular basis and prior to any phase payments.

Technical Support for Institutions & Governments in the Greening of Real Estate

As accredited tender agency we cooperate with Institutions and Governments in terms of sustainable real estate developments in the African Subcontinent. Our PPP engagements strengthen local supply value chains, promote green building and merge latest technology with local craftsmanship, thus preserving the cultural heritage and nature.

Structuring and securing your finance for projects in Key Emerging Markets

Our secure access to funding and financing covers your seed capital, project equity and debt for all your upgrades, new projects and operating capital. We structure your financial concept and negotiate the best offers with strategic co-investors to get you the best deal.

Technical Support for Institutions & Governments in Finance

As accredited tender agency we cooperate with Institutions and Governments in terms of finance initiatives in the African Subcontinent. Our PPP engagements improve the overall investment climate and regulations.

Production & trading of goods in the African Subcontinent

As a “One Stop Shop” we support you in the development of new projects and products and provide market research, studies, planning, finance, suitable locations and partners. We establish your business and assist you with R&D, production, branding, marketing and sales.

Design development, design reviews, project and construction management for real estate portfolios and funds throughout the African Subcontinent

As award winning architects, we manage your projects in the African Subcontinent. We develop and review designs, quality control and monitor construction sites for our clients as well as assist in tenders and procurement procedures of goods and services.

Technical Support for institutions & Governments in Architecture

As accredited tender agency we cooperate with Institutions and Governments in terms of design developments in the African Subcontinent. Our PPP engagements enhance local supply value chains; promote eco-sensitive design planning and green real estate technologies infused with local traditional building methods in a sustainable manner.


Providing efficient regional One Stop Shop assistance

Our services cover all Real Estate phases from research, financial structuring through to design development and project management, ensuring you of efficient, effective and sustainable support to ultimately protect your investments in Africa.

Identifying the best market options & the most reliable partners

Research & development

  • Master planning and project planning
  • Product development
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Market analyses and competitive set
  • Marketing planning and graphic design development
  • Financial structuring and investment calculations
  • Market entry strategies for start-ups in new markets or sectors

Transactions – Due Diligence & Evaluation

We conduct a financial, technical and environmental Due Diligence Study before you purchase an asset and property. We conduct an Operational Due Diligence Study before you purchase a business.

Before you sell your asset and property, we produce an Evaluation or financial Due Diligence. Before you sell your business, we produce an Operational Evaluation. To make your business lean and more efficient, we conduct an Operational Optimization.

Institutional Tender Services

As accredited tender agency we cover the sectors tourism, real estate, finance and architecture. We develop products, prepare & issue notices for competitive or restricted tender selection procedures to identify the best consultants, experts, investors and partners. We provide technical support to ensure you of quality works and services during project development and a successful project outcome.

Many governments and Institutions in Emerging Markets demand sector specific restructuring in terms of regulatory frameworks, strategies, policies; master plans, feasibilities and technical advice to recover and strengthen certain industries. Sadea has extensive expertise to assist Governments, bilateral and multilateral Institutions in achieving their goals.

Identifying most suitable financial concepts & co-investors

We assist in identifying project opportunities, optimize the product, tailor financial concepts, and negotiate favourable terms with strategic financial partners. Our secured access to funders and lenders will provide you the necessary seed funding and structured finance for all your projects in Key Emerging Markets throughout the African Subcontinent.

Strengthening your turnover and maximizing your profits & market shares

Business establishment & brand development

We identify suitable business locations, source equipment, recruit staff, test and quality control product lines and manage operations. We develop branding, adapt products to the target market and conduct market launches and pre-openings.

PR, communications, promotions, marketing & sales

We strengthen and increase market shares in regions and countries by means of diversification, market penetration and cross-border expansions, media coverage, trade show representation, publications, cold case acquisitions, advertising, negotiations and deal closures.

Business operations, Internal & external management

We assist you in planning your internal management which controls the steering of the management board, administration, human resources, daily business matters, strategic planning, finance, controlling, project and quality management, budgets, forecasts, decision-making and is mandated to execute.

We assist you in structuring your external management which controls sales, revenues and key accounts. It is responsible for new business development, acquisitions, negotiations, deal closures, customer service, consulting, sales, trade show and conference appearances, marketing and market growth planning.

Implementing & controlling quality projects within budget & time

Pre-construction (planning phase)

Each new business venture requires a thorough understanding of the target market(s), suitability of products, project viability and product local qualification & testing, location selection and business planning. To meet your requirements, we identify suitable contractors and potential partners by means of tender procedures, or by individual selection. As award winning designers we conduct Design Reviews on Architecture, Interiors and Landscaping. This ensures that your design team develop the most technologically advanced, efficient and innovative ideas, concepts and details.

Construction phase

With vast experiences gathered around the world as project managers we conduct on site Construction Monitoring to ensure you of the utilization and implementation of high-quality materials, sustainable solutions and best finishes.

Post Construction (operating phase)

Jointly we select the most reliable management brands and tenants by issuing competitive tenders and selection. To ensure that after your Pre-Openings, the management brands and tenants operate your property and business in a responsible and profitable manner, we conduct an annual Operator Monitoring.

In order to increase customer frequencies, occupancy levels and brand awareness, our global network for PR, communications, marketing and sales is at your disposal in 5 continents.


To achieve the highest price when selling or the lowest price when buying, we carry out a technical, economic and environmental due diligence study for the buyer or an evaluation for the seller.

Operational Optimization

Our Operational Optimization assists you to restructure, upgrade and optimize your assets.

Certifications & Eco-Labels

To attract a larger consumer base, many clients see the need to comply with Eco-Labels and international Certifications. A positive spin-off is enhanced brand awareness and more target groups. We will assist you to apply and comply with the most suitable program selected for your needs.

Charity Projects

Protecting the indigenous African nature by improving human livelihoods

We support charity projects in the context of:

  • Uplifting local supply value chains with the aim to enhance training, jobs, community engagement and to prevent rural depopulation and impoverishment.
  • Strengthening vocational training to ensure a trickledown effect for local communities and to strengthen their ability to seize the created opportunities sustainably.
  • Contributing to Nature Conservation with the aim to preserve and enhance the local biodiversity by taking cognizance of human well-being.

Bio Farm

This non-profit pilot project plans to benefit impoverished communities and minority groups in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa.

Together with local farmers we envisage to establish a sustainable and eco-sensitive Bio-Farm with the aim to produce and process organic foods from the region for the region. In protected areas such as in Wildlife Reserves we envisage to offer all lodges these organically grown products.

This is a charity initiative to create jobs in rural areas, to uplift less affluent regions by means of a trickle-down effect to local communities to reduce carbon footprints, and to prevent rural depopulation.

By the end of 2015 we aim to employ and train more than 50 people belonging to minority groups.

Status of the project

We are currently in search of donors and grants.

Next steps

  1. Development of a business plan
  2. Appointment of a “task team”
  3. Identification of local stakeholders, partners and suitable property
  4. Project Implementation

Donate now!

Donate any amount towards building up a non-profit, eco-farm, a community project for the rural population of the Eastern Cape South Africa. All farming profits will be contributed towards building educational facilities and contribute towards nature conservation.

If you want to contribute by sharing your expertise and experiences with us, then get in touch now:

Your contribution is a contribution to nature conservation in the African Subcontinent and to strengthen programs towards self-help for minority groups.


Enter your donation amount (USD – $)


Delivering customized quality assistance

The members of Sadea are sector and market experienced with an institutional, governmental and private sector background.

All team members are carefully selected and have successfully implemented various projects. They excel in delivering high quality work and have extensive African experience and vast international exposure.

Dipl.-Ing. Chris Micha Landmann
Johann Kerkhofs
Rob Marneweck
Paul Swart
Architecture & Real Estate
Didier Desjardines
Sandra Gassner
Peter Reinstorf

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